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We need tools and materials for our good deeds. We are also developing small maker workshops and tool share libraries in many cities. Our volunteers and supporters will always have access. Supporters can even share their own equipment in our secure space and get it back when needed.

We can offer you a much higher value for what you exchange with us. We receive many contributions from supporters and we often trade them for specific items we need most. You are sure to find something you need in our available inventory. Not only items, but services like website and business creation for those who want a professional image on Google. Our range of supporters offer what they do best and we reward our volunteers too.

As an official 501(c)(3) non-profit, we can provide you a donation receipt for a charitable tax deduction. People and companies can deduct so much annually and if they don't use, they lose it.

Please help us grow our base to bring tools and materials into the hands of our volunteers.


• Shop tools of any type

• Portable tools and building supplies/paint/lumber

• Plumbing tools and supplies

• Yard and landscaping tools and brick, rock, etc

• Housekeeping tools and cleaning chemicals

• Pressure Washer 3K psi or higher.

• Air Compressor

• Post Hole Digger

• Plexi-Glass (acrylic) sheets and scraps

• PVC Pipe (thin-wall or sch-40)

• Corrogated drainage pipe

• Pet food and care items

• Swimming pool filter, chemicals, tools

• Upright Freezers for food bank storage


• Pick-up / Drop-off donated items

• Feed bank attendants

• Students and professional labor

• Event helpers

• Social Media Promoters


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